Knowledge Studio Reduces Reliance on Complex Coding
Minimize the need to script, simplify the use of complex code

Reduce Complexity Encountered When Coding

Data Science does not have to be complex. Powerful scripting languages such as Python and R are commonly used to generate insight from disparate data sources.

Knowledge Studio reduce’s complexity and adds efficiencies to model building that is reliant on leveraging existing script, or when creating new models that will be deployed in R, Python, or other similar languages.

Python Is Challenging






A recent Kaggle survey discovered that Python is commonly used in my many different job functions for many different purposes. There are some challenges…

Knowledge Studio helps overcome the challenges in coding. Aside from an interactive, wizard-driven interface to build a wide variety of PAML models, Knowledge Studio supports:

  • Automatic code generation for Knowledge Studio models can be deployed in other rule engines and environments. Code types include R, Python, SQL, SAS, SPSS, Java, PMML, and structured English code
  • Integration with R statistical software and Python language: Users can write R and Python programs within Knowledge Studio software and embed them in Knowledge Studio workflows
  • Automatic translation of models to scoring code in SAS, R, and Python
  • Strategies can be deployed by generating treatment lists (scores) or by automatically converting the strategy tree to SAS, SQL, R, Python, SPSS, Java, or PMML code

To learn more, review the Knowledge Studio Feature Guide, the R Integration in Knowledge Studio datasheet, and the Altair Knowledge Studio and Python Support datasheet.