Datawatch Recognized for Leadership in Next-Generation Analytics

Chelmsford, Mass.—February 25, 2014—Datawatch Corporation (NASDAQ-CM: DWCH), a leading global provider of visual data discovery software, today announced that it has been named one of the “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management” by KMWorld Magazine for the third year in a row. The company also announced that its Visual Data Discovery offering had been cited by Database Trends & Applications as a “Trend-Setting Product in Data for 2014.”


Taken together, these awards underscore Datawatch’s unique ability to visualize data drawn from a wide variety of sources, historical and real-time, structured and semi-structured, at scale. With these capabilities, Datawatch is positioned at the forefront of the next-generation analytics revolution; Visual Data Discovery and Unified Information Management that unlocks the true value of an organization’s information.


“Datawatch has proven to define the spirit of practical innovation by blending sparkling technology with a deep, fundamental commitment to customer success,” said Hugh McKellar, KMWorld editor- in-chief.


Traditional business intelligence has been predicated on reporting against predefined sets of business critical information, delivering largely static reports that leave users a step behind. The promise of Big Data has upended this model, placing a premium on connecting any and all relevant data in a visually-rich analytical environment that can combine both data in motion and data at rest. Datawatch delivers on this requirement to give users uniquely simple and powerful ways to collect and visually explore information.


“We’ve always understood that Big Data meant more than bigger storage,” said Michael Morrison, president and chief executive officer for Datawatch. “It is gratifying to see our vision of unified information management combined with truly real-time visual data discovery recognized by these publications,” he added.




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Datawatch Corporation (NASDAQ-CM: DWCH) provides visual data discovery software that optimizes any data – regardless of its variety, volume, or velocity – delivering next generation


analytics to reveal valuable insights for improving business. Its unique ability to integrate structured, unstructured, and semi-structured sources like reports, PDF files and EDI streams with real-time streaming data into visually rich analytic applications allows users to dynamically discover key factors that impact any operational aspect of their business. This ability to perform visual discovery against any data sets Datawatch apart in the big data and visualization markets. Organizations of every size, worldwide use Datawatch products, including 99 of the Fortune 100. Datawatch is headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts with offices in New York, London, Munich, Stockholm, Singapore, Sydney and Manila, and with partners and customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. See the Whole Story for yourself by downloading the free trial at



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