BI & IT: Enable Analytics Adoption

While the business strives to evolve its analytics and BI strategy, IT is challenged with being responsive to their requests and mitigating the risk of financial penalties, regulation violations and security breaches while ensuring data integrity.

  • Self-service analytics requires data availability
  • Excel data is often ungoverned
  • Data often contains sensitive information
  • Data breaches can be extremely costly
  • Data sources and manipulation tasks must be tracked and auditable
  • Data integrity requires consistent models and processes for reuse

Self-service data preparation solution provides IT with data governance and control while enabling self-service analytics.

  • Accelerate the creation of analytics prototypes to be controlled and governed
  • Consistently track data lineage
  • Provide audit logs for all manipulation
  • Reduce dependency on manual data input and blending in Excel
  • Share automation processes and source content for reuse
  • Maintain compliance by redacting and masking sensitive data

Datawatch Monarch helps organizations:

  • Get insights faster by empowering the business with self-service
  • Improve IT responsiveness by reducing the demand for data access and preparation
  • Reduce operational and IT compliance risk with data governance

Experience Data Prep with Monarch

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  • How Monarch can help some of the most common data challenges.

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Empower the business to get insights faster by embracing self-service analytics and enabling anyone to be an analyst. Improve IT responsiveness while reducing operational and IT compliance risk.