CXO: Better Insights, Better Outcomes

Your business depends on data to innovate, grow and compete

  • You need to be data-driven to make timely, critical decisions
  • There are more data sources than ever before in your business, but only 12% of data is being used, making data quality questionable
  • You may have invested in Big Data, BI and analytics platforms but have not seen returns
  • IT is overwhelmed and slow to respond to requests for new data views from the business
  • There is a major analytics skills gap – a talent shortage of deep analytical skills

Execute your strategic initiatives by unlocking, analyzing and acting on more data

  • Improve trust in your data for better, faster insights by removing “blind spots” based on dark data
  • Transform your business into a data-driven organization
  • Achieve business agility & operational excellence
  • Simplify data technology to close the analytics talent gap

Avoid incomplete, inconsistent, inaccurate and untimely data by enabling self-service data preparation for any business user

  • Enable users to access, manipulate and combine all of their data, with no IT dependency or complex scripting required
  • Automate & streamline manual data prep tasks
  • Reduces dependency on Excel, improving data quality
  • Feed data into any analytics/BI platform

Foster a data-driven culture by providing access to more data sources by more people for self-service analytics and data visualization. Self-service data preparation enables ordinary business users to access and prepare data themselves, quickly and easily.