Analysts: Increase Your Productivity for Better, Faster Business Insights

As an analyst, your productivity directly impacts your business:

  • The amount, variety and complexity of data for your businesses is constantly increasing
  • Manual preparation is time consuming, low-value activity
  • With limited access to data sources, you rely on repetitive requests to IT
  • Automation eliminates low-value activity
  • You know that data-driven insights improve business outcomes
  • Analysts are more engaged when adding value to the business

Deliver more data to any analytics solution faster

  • Quickly and easily access, cleanse and combine any data yourself, with no IT dependency or complex scripting required
  • Spend less time in Excel doing manual data entry and tedious manipulation
  • Automate & streamline manual data prep tasks, improving data accuracy and leaving more time for data analysis
  • Leverage corporate reports, PDF documents, web pages and other multi-structured data as analytics data sources
  • Access more data than ever before, creating more trust in your visualizations and analytics
  • Collaborate and share best practices for repeatable processes

Experience Data Prep with Monarch

Seeing is believing. Take a self-guided tour of Monarch to see:

  • An introduction to the all-new Monarch
  • A walk-through of Monarch’s most popular features and functions
  • How Monarch can help some of the most common data challenges.

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Add more value to your organization. Preparing data less and analyzing more. Reduce the requests and wait time with IT. Collaborate and share best practices with colleagues for repeatable data prep processes.