Data Preparation for Microsoft Excel and Power BI

Up to 80% of all time spent on analytics is consumed by preparing data. Data is never perfect and most of the time you need to clean, enrich and join multiple data sets to gain meaningful insight. Many analysts turn to Excel to perform these data preparation functions which can take hours or even days.

Datawatch Monarch, the industry standard self-service data preparation solution allows analysts to manipulate, filter, enrich, blend and combine disparate data sets in a matter of minutes. When you’re done, you can bring it back into Excel or move it into Power BI.


Data Preparation for Microsoft Power BI

You’re already using Power BI to uncover new business insights. But like many organizations, you still don’t have access to the underlying data you need. And you’re spending too much time preparing data and not enough time analyzing it. Datawatch is the fastest and easiest solution for Power BI users to prepare and blend ­all data.

With Datawatch Monarch you can:

  • Automatically extract and use data from existing reports, web pages and PDF documents – so you can finally use the data locked in SAP, Cognos, legacy or any application
  • Access and blend data from all databases, Salesforce, Hadoop, NoSQL, SAP Business Objects, and other sources
  • Over 100 functions to manipulate and enrich data with simple point and click

10 Ways Data Preparation Can Enhance Excel

Learn the most popular capabilities that Datawatch Monarch delivers every day for Microsoft Excel users in this helpful guide.

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