Panopticon 17.4 Released

Panopticon 17.4: Improved Alerting, Streaming JDBC and Cloud Connectivity, New Scatter Plot Alpha Function, and Support for HyperWorks Units Licensing

The latest release of the Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform adds new capabilities to its Proactive Alerting function, increases the number of available data sources, makes it easier than ever to integrate the system into cloud-based data environments, improves time series visualization capabilities, and supports a new way to license the software.

Version 17.4 of the Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform is now available to all licensed users, who can access the release here:

Panopticon 17.4 supports:

  • Proactive Alerting Improvements.  Panopticon now supports web client notifications for proactive alerts, which were introduced in version 17.3. These provide users with a notification within the Panopticon Web Client whenever an alert is triggered, regardless of which Panopticon dashboard they are viewing. The notifications include links to the dashboard generating the alert, and clicking the notification highlights the data streams that triggered the alert. The alerts panel displays a list of all alert notifications for the current session.
  • New Streaming JDBC Connector. This new connector simulates streaming real-time data from a JDBC source using micro batch queries. Panopticon’s real-time streaming connectors utilize an in-memory snapshot table, allowing the user to limit queries to return only the latest data changes (for example, the last 10 seconds of transactions.) The new micro batch query function enables the system to avoid querying the entire result set for each update, and only sends data when there is an update, thus improving system performance.
  • Cloud Connectivity. Version 17.4 includes a new connector for OneTick Cloud, providing users with access to a massive store of historic market data with no software dependencies, and a new connector for Google Cloud PubSub for cloud-hosted time series data.
  • Scatter Plot Alpha Visualization Function. This feature adds alpha (transparency) as an additional variable and works with the color variable. Alpha allows users to make Scatter Plot bubbles semi-transparent, reducing problems with occlusion and providing viewers with a density plot-like visualization. The new alpha feature can also display bubble “trails”, with transparency increasing with age to make it easier to see changes over time.
  • HyperWorks Units Licensing. This is a new way to license Panopticon and is based on a concurrent usage licensing model. Customers with an Altair License Server in place can now activate and run all Panopticon products.

Panopticon 17.4 includes several other smaller improvements, including new services that simplify the analysis of Panopticon Server statistics.

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This training video walks you through all the key changes in Panopticon 17.4: