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Datawatch Monarch Product Family

The Datawatch Monarch product family spans from a single user desktop up to an enterprise server delivering prepared data to thousands of users.

Individual users can run Monarch independently on their Windows desktop for self-service data preparation.  For a small workgroup, simply add new Monarch seats and share your data prep models with other users.  You can also add automation for individual users that are consistently running repetitive tasks.

As the word spreads about this great new capability, Monarch Server is the solution that can scale to service thousands of users both internally and externally.  Your individual Monarch users can now publish data prep models to Monarch Server and completely automate the execution of tasks.  Other users can simply connect to Monarch Server with an intuitive Web portal to find prepared data sets that provide only the data they are authorized to access.  Monarch Server can also send updated data to your analytics server like Tableau Server, or to SaaS solutions like IBM Watson Analytics, or even to your data warehouse.   And at every step of your analytic journey, Datawatch will be there to support your growth when you’re ready.

Self-Service Data Prep

The fastest and easiest way for analysts to bring any data into any analytic tool is with Datawatch Monarch

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Monarch Swarm

Data socialization platform for better, faster business decisions

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Enterprise Delivery and Governance

Automate, deliver, and govern prepared data throughout the enterprise with Monarch Server

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