Monarch Server
Self-Service for the Enterprise

How it Works

Monarch Server extends the data preparation capabilities of Monarch to provide a comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution.  Models created with Monarch on the desktop can be stored and shared on a centrally managed server that runs on premise.  Data preparation tasks can be fully automated and prepared data delivered to all users and systems.


  • Improve efficiency by eliminating manual data collection.
  • Make static data more accessible by exporting it to any format your users need — Microsoft Excel, PDF, HTML, Access, XML and text.
  • Securely store source data and extracts, as well as preparation models, visualizations and dashboards.
  • Provide data lineage and self-service governance by storing the source documents as well as automating extraction of and access to specific data.

Technically Speaking

Operating System:  Windows Server 2008 32/64-bit and above

Additional Software:

  • MS SQL Server 2008, 2012
  • .NET Framework 3.5 and above

Browser Support:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari for Windows
  • Microsoft Edge

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Automate Processes and Data Delivery

Datawatch Monarch Automation enables users to completely eliminate manual steps associated with repeatable processes. Workflows built in Automator leverage Monarch Models, timing rules and delivery rules to streamline data preparation and data consumption at the enterprise level.

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Fresh Data

Monarch Server puts data acquisition, preparation and distribution on autopilot. With a visual process designer to quickly orchestrate automation flows you can execute on a predetermined schedule or as new information becomes available.  Prepared data is instantly delivered to users via email or a web portal, and other systems like data warehouses can be loaded with fresh data.

Better Governance

Monarch Server stores and manages the content that is often ungoverned in a self-service deployment – like the Excel extracts and PDF reports that are used as data sources and the preparation models that are used to modify data.  As a result, you have robust data retention, lineage, audit logging and user/role based access control.


Datawatch is the standard in many global organizations with deployments of more than 4,000 users, handling 300 million documents per month, and applying over 9,000 data prep models.

Data Masking

Comply with regulatory requirements and redact data like credit card or social security numbers. Or use consistent aliases and pseudonyms so you can aggregate by customer or patient. The most common cause of data breaches comes from internal employees. Data discovery tools are a great way for users to build and share information, but many times the underlying data is not protected and includes personally identifiable data (like Social Security numbers), personally sensitive data (like medical procedures) or commercially sensitive data. Datawatch provides data masking which hides, or obfuscates the original data with random characters or other data but allows it to still be usable for analytics. And the data can be un-masked by authorized users.

IT Endorsed

With support for enterprise standards, Datawatch is easily deployed and managed.  It is also a great complement to your existing ETL and data warehouse investments as it extends the reach of data sources to encompass multi-structured.

Collaborate & Share

The Datawatch Portal is the central access point for all users to find prepared data.  It’s also the place to share assets like data preparation models and source content like reports for reuse.