Simple, Powerful, Self-Service Data Prep

  • Access & extract data from any source
  • Prepare data with code-free functions
  • Join & transform with click-based commands
  • Analyze & visualize your data
  • Automate repeatable work

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Master Your Data

Datawatch Monarch is a desktop application for streamlining your reporting and analytics.

It is the fastest and easiest way to extract data from any source – including turning unstructured data like PDFs and text files – into rows and columns. Once data is extracted, you can clean, transform, blend and enrich the data in a click-based interface, free of coding and scripting, and export to any platform for reporting and visualization.

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Save Time

“The Datawatch Monarch solution paid for itself within the first six months, liberating our department from manual data entry and enabling us to recoup 40-80 hours per week. As a result, we have been able to expand our skill set to become more involved across new products and services and excel in customer service.”

– Derek Madison, MasterCard

Save Money

Marbridge Foundation experienced an ROI of 495% with payback in 1 month.  
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Eliminate Human Error

“Before Monarch, we had a process that was taking 2-3 days to complete. We were rekeying, copy-and-pasting, find-and-replacing. It was manual and prone to error. Now, we have a model where we can just press a button and ‘BOOM’ out comes the report.”

– Percy Presswalla, Automotive Club of California

Operating systems: Win7 SP1/Win8/Win10,  4 GB RAM,  600 MB disk

Data source inputs: 

  • Documents: CSV, Excel, HTML, JSON, PDF Report, SAS Transport, Text Report, XML,
  • Databases: Access, DB2, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Informix, NetSuite, Oracle, SAP BusinessObjects Universe, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Salesforce, SharePoint, Splunk, Sybase, OData, ODBC, OLEDB
  • Big Data: Hadoop, MongoDB, Cloudant, Redshift, Impala

Native data exports: Angoss, CSV, Excel, IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Watson Analytics, JSON, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Power BI, Monarch Swarm, Panopticon, Qlik, SAS, Tableau Server, Tableau Tde

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Access & Extract Data From Any Source

Users can automatically access and extract data from any source – including CSV, Excel, PDF, TXT, JSON, XML, HTML and various databases.

Increased access to data means fewer errors, less manual manipulation of data, faster insights and more “aha” moments for you and your organization.

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Clean Data with Pre-Built Functions

Monarch replaces coding, scripting, pivot tables and complex Excel formulas with click-based data transformations, making it a true self-service application for any user.

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Click-to-Join Disparate Data

Combining disparate sources with Monarch is easy. Simply indicate ‘Join Keys’ to instantly blend and reconcile data from multiple systems. No advanced knowledge of macros, functions or VLOOKUPs required.

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Analyze & Visualize Your Data

Summarize and analyze your data quickly within Monarch, or leverage pre-built connectors for exporting to Excel, visualization and advanced analytics tools.

Simply refreshing your data in Monarch automatically updates your visualizations and dashboards whenever you need.

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Automate Your Repeatable Processes

The beauty of Monarch resides in its ability to streamline repeatable processes.

Pre-built ‘Models’ and ‘Workspaces’ contain all data extraction and cleansing commands needed for preparing recurring reports. Simply refresh the source files and the data prep work is done.

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“Monarch Complete from Datawatch is providing Lloyds Banking Group with a new way to collate, integrate and understand the many data sources we have. With its intuitive and powerful interface it allows the insight capabilities normally reserved for data scientists to be available to those directly building the business.”

– Gordon Baggott, Senior Manager, Group Analytics at Lloyds Banking Group

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