Datawatch Monarch Swarm

How it Works

  • Simple, yet powerful data preparation makes Swarm a fit for everyone
  • Controlled collaboration and governance removes the burden on IT and increases end-user agility without compromising data integrity
  • A browser-based data marketplace provides a dedicated space for building, discovering, sharing and collaborating on governed, trustworthy data and models
  • Data socialization powers better data discovery and reuse of models and curated data sets
  • Gamification and visibility encourage participation and contribution

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“With Monarch Swarm we can easily share fresh data on inventory levels on a store-by-store basis, with purchasing, sales and finance while simplifying our operational processes by re-using data prep models.”

– Kevin Costa, Inventory Control Manager, National Lumber


Data socialization is the next step in the evolution in data accessibility and self-service analytics allowing individuals, teams and organizations to reshape the way companies think about, and employees interact with, their business data. Data socialization eliminates the common barriers to data access and sharing. It creates a “data utopia” for BI analysts, data scientists and business users that boosts their productivity and speeds decision making.

Datawatch Monarch Swarm is the industry’s first data socialization platform, combining self-service data preparation, data cataloging, data stewardship, automation and governance features with key attributes common to social media platforms.

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Technically Speaking

Operating systems:

  • Windows 8.1 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit, Windows Server 2012 64 bit, Windows Server 2012 R2 64 bit
  • Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 9+, or Google Chrome

Data source inputs: 

  • Documents: PDF Report, Text, CSV, XML, JSON, HTML
  • Relational: Monarch Server – Content, Google Analytics, Access, Excel, SQL Server, PostgresSQL, MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Splunk, Salesforce, DB2, ODBC, OLEDB
  • Big Data:  Hadoop, MongoDB, Cloudant, Redshift, Impala, Sybase
  • Other: Odata, SAP BusinessObjects Universe

Native data exports:  IBM Watson and Cognos Analytics, Tableau, Qlik, Excel, Access, Delimited- and fixed-text formats

Read the Technical Fact Sheet for more information

Team-Driven Data Preparation for the Masses

Everyday users can overcome any report creation or analytics challenge by streamlining data access, eliminating coding/scripting from data cleansing and transformation.

Data blending is simplified and repeatable time-consuming processes are automated.

“Gartner 2017 Data Prep Market Guide recommends evaluating solutions with “analytical libraries, more-intuitive data preparation, improved governance, collaboration… and cataloging”

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Controlled Collaboration and Governance

Provide centralized access to data that is created by business experts, governed by data stewards and trusted by the enterprise.

Reduce the burden on IT by providing simple, but controlled access to data, models and reports based on pre-defined rules.

“The need to collaborate and work together across the business – and securely with IT – has driven organizations to look for more than just self-service data preparation… Swarm is designed to meet this need. It provides reliable and adaptable data preparation that can be secured and governed, and, most importantly, it takes a productive and collaborative approach to utilize data anywhere at any time.”
-Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research

Read Ventana’s Analyst Perspective

Centralized Data Marketplace

Break down data siloes, eliminate duplication of work and improve data validity by establishing a dedicated location for individuals across the enterprise to share raw and/or curated data sets, reports, models, workspaces and expertise.

“An online data marketplace where users and analysts can search for data sets, see how their peers are using the information, and then select the best-fit data sets for their needs minimizes redundancy, increases efficiency and prevents the use of incomplete or poorly suited data and resulting flawed analysis.”  
-Dave Wells, Analyst, Eckerson Research

Read the ‘Rise of the Data Marketplace’ Analyst Report

Data Socialization

Foster a culture of data-driven decision-making with social features, powered by machine learning, that provide intelligent recommendations on data that should be viewed and used.

Shares, comments, likes and ratings power better data discovery, promote collaboration and ensure trusted data is being used in analyses.

“Monarch Swarm will take our productivity to a whole new level by enabling employees to repeat, reuse and share data sets and models across teams, and better collaborate on data and analytics outcomes. This collective knowledge will lead to timely and more strategic business decisions.”
-Tracy Hojka, Whitnell & Co.

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Gamification and Visibility

Data creators are showcased in Swarm, making it easy to recognize and reward individuals who make an impact on organizational insight.

“Monarch Swarm gives us the ability to construct a collaborative data management environment for inventory, sales and finance operations.”
-Kevin Costa, Inventory Control Manager, National Lumber

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