New Year, New Monarch – v14 is here!

Altair is celebrating the New Year with our release of Monarch v14! The new changes and enhancements in the v14 release fit nicely into many of the themes that we embrace this time of year: keeping up with classic traditions, improving ourselves through small changes and taking risks by branching out and trying something new.

We’re Keepin’ it Classic

We know how much our customers value the report creation capabilities in Monarch Classic. Therefore, one of the most exciting new features in this release of Monarch v14 is support for Classic models, projects and workspaces in Data Prep Studio. In v14, Monarch users can open any previously built Classic models, projects or workspaces as another data source in the Data Prep Studio. From here, these files can be prepared, joined or blended with any other data set. This new feature unlocks a significant amount of value for any and all Monarch Complete users.

We’re making small, but important changes to improve ourselves

Each year, we hear friends and family make small resolutions they feel they can stick with: taking the stairs more often, drinking more water, etc. While these may not be major lifestyle changes, they can have a significant impact over a long time. Altair takes this approach with enhancements and improvements to each release of Monarch.

To show our appreciation for user feedback, Altair works to implement as many product recommendations as possible. For example, in Monarch v14, reordering columns can now be completed with a simple drag-and-drop. In addition, default names for Joins, Appends and Transformations are much shorter making organization and navigation much more simple. While these changes are not revolutionary, they are important for making the user experience as positive as possible.

For a quick look at all the new enhancements and changes, visit For a deeper dive on the Altair Monarch v14 release, take some time to check out our webinar on “What’s New in Monarch 14”.

We’re trying something new and exciting

Technology experts at eWeek expect that Data Socialization will be ‘the next big thing’ in the data preparation industry, as explained in their 10 Predictions for the Data Analytics Market for 2017. These experts note that “data and analytics outcomes aren’t being shared and reused; rather, users are starting every analytics project from scratch without the benefit of repeatable data modeling.”

Essentially, data analysts spend a significant amount of time creating sophisticated reports only to have them sit unused on a desktop, hard drive or buried deep in a database. Failure to share this important information leads to needless duplication of efforts, breakdowns in data governance and a significant waste of time. Therefore, Altair is committed to being the first data preparation solution in the industry to take on this challenge of Data Socialization with the introduction of Monarch Swarm as part of Monarch v14.

Monarch Swarm is the first socialization platform for combining self-service data preparation, data cataloging, data stewardship, automation and governance features with key attributes common to social media platforms. The browser-based, shared data environment enables users to share, comment and recommend data sets, models and workspaces in a cloud interface. The interface also provides a central location for all created datasets, encouraging organization and collaboration while eliminating messy data lakes and silos.

With all of the anticipated changes to data processes, we expect 2017 to be a very exciting year for Altair and the data preparation market as a whole!