New industries embrace data visualization

Data visualization is helping a wider range of professionals and businesses embrace modern analytics and understand the findings and reports that accompany the deployments. Considering the fact that a strong understanding of big data and the ability to digest the insights involved can dramatically improve the performance of any business, it only makes sense that so many investments are beginning to pour into this specific subset of the technology. 

Although major retailers, financial services firms and similar companies have already started to use big data for a wealth of purposes, others are beginning to get their feet wet with the technology as well, and visualization is certainly one of the driving factors in this conversation. In the construction industry, it appears as though data visualization is already starting to positively impact decision​-making on the ground level. 

How is visualization changing the analytics game?Construction firms are benefiting from data visualization.

Inside the trend
Construction Global Magazine recently reported that the strong results many construction agencies are enjoying through the use of data visualization tools directly relate back to the more accessible nature of the technology. The behaviors of these types of firms are actually progressing just as quickly as those in areas of the private sector where big data had already gained traction a couple of years ago. 

According to the news provider, "small data" has been one of the main themes in construction firms' use of data visualization technology, and remember that this is echoed in other strategies for varying purposes. A smaller volume of valuable and fast data will tend to have more efficient outcomes when the user is targeting a specific component of operations. 

The source went on to explain that the types of projects being deployed in this industry are similar to those of others as well, with productivity, asset, profit, sales, marketing and other data being used within the visualization programs. 

"All businesses can benefit from data visualization."

Myriad advantages
Virtually any type of company, regardless of size classification, knowledge of modern IT or industry, can benefit from the use of data visualization services that bring the insights and advantages of advanced analytics into the decision making process. With a more efficient and accurate view of the entirety of operations all through one accessible visualization tool, the chances of picking up on trends more quickly and acting on them in a profitable fashion will be inherently higher than when flying blind with traditional analysis models.