New Datawatch, New Website

Welcome to the new and improved Altair website!

By now you’ve noticed some things look different here. Altair has come a long way over the last 30 years, from simple data extraction to a full data intelligence solution. And our website needed to reflect that evolution, so we’ve completely redesigned it just for you.

Let us explain.

Four Brands on One Website

Altair acquired Angoss this year, and with that acquisition, Altair now has four distinct brands and an even larger and more diverse customer base. Therefore, for the benefit of all our customers we wanted to centralize updates and resources in one location,, so everyone could easily connect with us and with their fellow Altair users.

It’s now effortless to stay up to date on all things Altair and to find information on the solutions you care most about:

  • Monarch: Self-Service Data Preparation
  • Swarm: Enterprise Data Preparation and Marketplace
  • Angoss: Predictive Analytics and Data Science
  • Panopticon: Streaming Analytics

Data Intelligence to Fuel Your Business

We mentioned earlier that Altair is a data intelligence solution provider, but you may be wondering what that means for you.

As an analyst, data scientist or analytics leader, you’re looking to drive more value from your data and gain more forward-looking insights that can increase revenue and help make better business decisions. There’s no shortage of data out there, but data intelligence is harder to come by.

That’s where Altair comes in. Altair has spent the last three decades pioneering, so that individuals and organizations can master data with unprecedented access, agility and governance. It’s about data that’s controlled instead of chaotic. Insightful instead of immaterial. Empowering instead of overwhelming.

Our new website focuses on providing our customers with resources to help them use their organization’s data as an asset. No matter if you’re interested in data preparation, predictive analytics or visualization, we’ll help you along your data journey.

And don’t worry, you still have access to all the same information from our old website. Here are some resources to get you started:


Most importantly, if you have any questions or feedback, please Contact Us. We’d love to hear what you think of our new website!