Multi-Structured Data

Learn about your data

Reports may also originate from outside the organization – such as from partners, vendors and other third parties. Datawatch Monarch gives you a preview of your data, including table and column statistics, affording you with a clear picture of the data to be extracted.

Automatically extract information

Datawatch Monarch’s Auto Define feature quickly parses your report and determines information that may be extracted, presenting this in a preview table – simple and straightforward.

Prep, Transform and Combine

Extracted data may then be prepped using over 100 predefined functions, transformed into the shape you need, and combined with other disparate sources into a richer data set.

Share, Collaborate and Analyze

Export your data into popular formats such as Excel and CSV, or even into native formats used by other applications such as Datawatch Panopticon, Qlik, Tableau, and IBM Watson Analytics.

Dark data lurks in overlooked areas of most organizations’ repositories – sales reports, invoices, enterprise reports, and more. Attempts to analyze such data more often than not involve manually keying in figures into spreadsheets or countless copy-and-paste operations – both time consuming and prone to error. Altair Monarch easily sheds light on such data through its capability to extract information even from multi-structured sources.


 structuring unstructured data

Quick and easy to use

Simply drag in a report, such as a PDF file, into Monarch to begin your report discovery.