Mortgage Data Suite:

Self-service data automation and machine learning. Purpose built for the mortgage industry.

Mortgage Data Suite customers save $500,000 per year by eliminating data access and usage fees.  Further financial benefits are realized when using credit and fraud risk strategies, efficient collections, lower operation costs and more.

Data overage and usage fees from financial services technology organizations can amount to enormous costs for banks, credit unions and financial institutions.

The Altair Mortgage Data Suite provides end-users with the framework to eliminate these fees by increasing access to difficult mortgage data.  Once that is done, Machine Learning can be used to generate insight related to lending and servicing.  Share the insight found using our BI solution, or a BI solution you have invested in.

The Altair Mortgage Data Suite allows you to:

Access and clean mortgage data with pre-built models.  Predict future risk, revenue opportunities.

Unbundle, index, store and mine data from reports.  Generate and Share insight across the organization.

Eliminate back-and-forth with Mortgage Services.

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Mortgage Data Suite


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