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Bearded man sitting at a desk looking at large screen monitor with Panopticon screenshot.


Woman business analyst looking at screen with Panopticon data visualizations on screen…

Sunset Over Pumpjack Silhouette With Copy Space

Pump jack silhouette against a sunset sky with deliberate lens flare and copy space. These jacks can extract between 5 to 40 litres of crude oil and water emulsion at each stroke. This image is made up of 2 photos attached here for reference--one is my image of an Alberta landscape sunset shot in Calgary; the other is my photo of a pump jack shot in rural Alberta and then converted into a silhouette before compositing them together in Photoshop.

Electrical engineer while working laptopl

Electrical engineer while working laptopl.


Technician in orange safety vest with computer screen in background with Panopticon screenshot laid in…


Telecom network operator with screen on phone with screen in background with Panopticon data visualization on the screen…


Woman at multi screen console in IoT application with Panopticon data visualizations on several monitors…


Man at multi-screen control console in industrial IoT application with Panopticon screenshots on computer monitors…

Business team deal on a stock exchange. Stock traders concept.

Business team investment trading do this deal on a stock exchange. People working in the office. Two men looking at large monitors with Panopticon screenshots, one man on phone. Busy office environment.