Use Cases
Efficient Trading Analytics
for All Asset Classes

Panopticon’s unique capabilities enable traders, quants, and compliance people to build their own trading analytics systems without writing any code, and without using middleware. They can design – from scratch – their own analytical user interfaces and connect to their data sources. In a few minutes, they’re up and running. They can monitor and analyze real-time orders and RFQs, and conduct analysis of historic data to back test trading strategies.

The Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform accepts, processes, and visualizes trading data with nanosecond accuracy from any of your existing feeds, including message buses like Solace, streaming sources like Kafka, and tick databases like Kx kdb+, as well as standard relational databases and Big Data systems.

Visualize and fully understand all of your trading metrics:

  • Order Book: Visualize consolidated order books across available liquidity pools and identify liquidity imbalances
  • Liquidity & Spreads: Microstructure analysis of RFQ-driven markets
  • Flow / Hit Ratio: Monitoring and trend analysis of RFQ trading activity across all e-trading channels
  • Market Microstructure: Correlate market impact to historic executions, venues, and trading strategies
  • Real-Time and Historic Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA): Analyze best execution across fragmented liquidity pools, and through all algo types, books, venues, counterparties/brokers, and instruments
  • Real-Time and Historic P&L: Correlate trading costs and risks with revenues
  • Liquidity Scanner: Identify temporary market liquidity imbalances across all venues
  • Trader Performance: Measure trading effectiveness and see performance trends for all traders and groups
  • Basket Trading: Analyze portfolio and index basket risk and return analysis, both pre-trade and during basket execution, and identify liquidity spikes, shortfalls, and performance divergences
  • Spread Analysis: Comparative order and quote analysis across venue