Unleash the full value and agility of self-service analytics.

Self-service data preparation for Cognos Analytics

  • Quickly extract & blend data from 30 different data sources
  • Unlock multi-structured data trapped in reports, PDF, web pages
  • Automate, reuse & deliver prepared datasets
  • Import directly into Cognos Analytics or use as an external data source in Cognos 10x

Make Cognos Analytics a more powerful self-service solution

  • Empower business users to bring in any external data together with Cognos managed data for greater insight and agility
  • Harness the full value of your Cognos investment without needing to purchase point solutions for self-service visualization
  • Bring enterprise reports, PDFs and any other multi-structured data source directly into Cognos for richer insights and more robust reports
  • Leverage Big Data, IoT machine data, log data, JSON, web pages and other hard to access, “Dark Data” sources
  • Export data directly into the My Content folder of Cognos Analytics or bypass existing Framework Manager packages in Cognos 10.x with your own prepared data source
  • Leverage a common, fully-integrated data prep solution for Cognos 10.x, Cognos Analytics and Watson Analytics.

With Datawatch, IBM Cognos customers gain the ability to extend Cognos to more business users, providing the agility to independently access and leverage the system more often. Datawatch Monarch adds a business-user-centric solution for blending and preparing data for Cognos Analytics.

With Datawatch for IBM Cognos, analysts see day-to-day value in working with extracted data sets and blending to other business sources or creating data sets that can be leveraged directly by Cognos Analytics or IBM Watson Analytics and can be exported in Excel format for use with the external data wizard in Report Studio or loaded to a database for use as part of a Framework Manager model.

Disparate Data Integration

When combining disparate information from several different sources, consolidation and reconciliation becomes a daunting and cumbersome task for business analysts. Datawatch solutions are designed to automatically format dissimilar files types into one, uniform dataset through appends, join analysis and fuzzy matching. The consolidated dataset created in Datawatch is imported directly to both Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics, completely removing the need to manually combine datasets for integration with IBM visualization tools.

Sharing and Automation

Data preparation steps are automatically saved in a human-readable format for transparency, automation and reuse. Add prepared data to a business process and automatically feed Cognos Analytics and Watson Analytics as well as do append/updates to delimited files and tables to feed Cognos 10.x Framework Manager.

Security and Information Governance

Leverage features such as data masking to protect sensitive information, such as patient names or social security numbers, to meet regulatory requirements.

Free up valuable IT, BI and Data Scientist resources by enabling self-service analytics and data preparation for your IBM Analytics environment.

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