Self-service data prep for the analytic tool of your choice

  • Significantly reduce up to 80% of the time consumed preparing data
  • Access, manipulate, filter, enrich and blend disparate data sets with ease
  • Simple export of prepared data into a visualization tool
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Datawatch and Analytics - A Win/Win with Impact

Datawatch allows you to extract and compile all your data into one integrated source. Export accurate data for analysis in visualization tools. Enjoy a fast and seamless process.

Seamless compatibility with

‘Nationwide association of healthcare benefit providers increases customer service ratings and gains a whole lot more.’

Performance goals:

  • Motivate and improve call center employee performance
  • Increase customer service level and customer satisfaction
  • Access the complete data set contained in Sybase, SQL Server, mainframe text and phone stats in PDF
  • Develop scorecard dashboards for comprehensive data evaluation

 Datawatch delivers:

  • Self-service analytics that combined performance data from all sources, even data thought to be irretrievable
  • Seamless, accurate and fast export to Tableau for custom built dashboards
  • Combined complete self-service analytics and data discovery solution
  • Facilitates increase in customer service ratings and satisfaction

‘A central U.S. healthcare provider succeeds at keeping its pledge to over 100k patients and the community.’


Pledge goals:

  • Track and report timely on statistics related to hospital infections, physician performance and treatment trends
  • Access unstructured data and electronic health records
  • Decrease the exponential demands on IT and increase the speed to results
  • Implement self-service analytics capable of handling historical data from a wide variety of sources


Datawatch delivers:

  • Ability to access and prepare data from all required sources and types including data they hadn’t been able to access in the past
  • Immediate export into the Tableau visual analysis environment
  • Time savings of 40-60 hours/month with combined and complete data discovery solution
  • Success at keeping their community pledge to quickly identify, address and communicate critical healthcare information
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