Use Cases
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate Your Repeatable Processes

The beauty of Datawatch resides in its ability to streamline repeatable processes.

Pre-built ‘Models’ and ‘Workspaces’ contain all data extraction and cleansing commands needed for preparing recurring reports for input to your RPA solution. Simply refresh the source files and the data prep work is done.

Data Preparation & Extraction

Your bots require clean data from often disparate sources to be trusted. Legacy systems often lack the capability to pull and feed relevant data from APIs.

In such cases, employees manually migrate data using formats like CSV, Excel, PDF, TXT, JSON, XML, HTML and various databases.

The power of Datawatch enables your bots to automatically access, extract, join, cleanse and migrate data from any source thus powering your digital workforce to deliver accurate and trusted results.

Autofill your RPA UI Interface

Now that your data is prepped it’s time to feed the bots.

Datawatch’s advanced export features include custom connectors and APIs which can autofill the UI of your RPA solution. Once complete, your digital workforce is fully enabled and ready to produce.

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