Streamline operations, process and workflow

  • Extract, prepare and integrate data from virtually any source or format
  • Significantly reduce processing time and eliminate rekeying error risk
  • Create comprehensive and accurate reports for all stakeholders
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Consistent, reliable reporting with self-service data prep

With Datawatch Monarch you can extract and compile disparate data from multiple systems. Increase data integrity with one source of truth. Increase operational excellence with confidence.

Seamless compatibility with

‘U.S. national home-security equipment and monitoring service achieves 70% reduction in processing time.’

Business goals:

  • Reduce time to acquire and process data from their reseller channel
  • Eliminate excessive manual labor and human error risks
  • Streamline overall process to protect margins
  • Effectively meet weekly reporting requirements


Datawatch delivers:

  • Easy access and extraction of data from multiple systems, formats and resellers
  • Seamless, accurate data and report preparation without manual rekeying
  • Simplified operational process removing redundancies
  • Ability to re-allocate resources to higher-value tasks with a 70% reduction in processing time for weekly reports

‘U.S. national dairy products food and beverage company achieves 740k in annual savings.’

Business goals:

  • Accurately reconcile data from multiple food category divisions across 80 manufacturing plants
  • Keep track of constantly fluctuating commodity prices
  • Reduce inefficiencies of back-and-forth email across the organization
  • Decrease number of resources dedicated to full-time spreadsheet management


Datawatch delivers:

  • Ability to extract, combine and export data across all divisions and plants
  • Complete automation of the reconciliation process and significantly faster month-end closing
  • Consistent and comprehensive organizational reporting
  • Facilitates achievement of annual cost savings of $740k for resource reallocation and $100k in IT
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