One of the most significant pain points surrounding data in every industry is the existence of data being held captive in PDF, text or any other report-based files. Datawatch Monarch PDF extraction, which has been around since 2005, simplifies the PDF to Excel conversion process for all users.

Monarch is the most accurate, most powerful PDF to Excel converter on the market.

The Value of Monarch

In many cases, data users must spend hours manually re-keying data (which can be highly error-prone) from static reports into an Excel worksheet where they can begin to analyze, reconcile or use the data. Another option is to perform copy and paste operations out of the original document into the Excel spreadsheet.

Once this transposition is complete, users still have to figure out a way to combine this information with other important datasets, often using VLOOKUPs. This process can take hours, days or even weeks. Ultimately, these processes are not easily repeatable and tend to be time-consuming due to messy special characters or issues with alignment which make the data even more challenging.

Extract Data from Unstructured Files

What Makes Monarch Unique?

With Datawatch Monarch PDF to Excel conversion, manual re-keying and human transposition error are issues of the past.

Unlike most free PDF to Excel conversion tools (or Acrobat’s native Excel export), the Monarch user has complete control over the format of the output table. Monarch allows you to customize the data extraction parameters needed to effectively parse the data into rows and columns. In addition, Monarch includes a powerful, intelligent recognition algorithm that can automatically identify the structure of the data on the document.

Upon extraction, the data can be cleaned and joined with other datasets (using 100+ pre-built functions) to enrich as needed.

Datawatch Monarch’s sophisticated report extraction technology sets it apart from all other data preparation tools on the market. Datawatch Monarch Complete is the de facto tool for converting PDF information to a workable format.

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What Does Monarch Do?

  • Automatically parse all data from PDF, text or multi-structured and report-based files into row and columns
  • Eliminate VLOOKUPs and combine disparate files using Datawatch Monarch Join Analysis
  • Easily fix or format data at the columnar level (adjust Upper Case/Proper Case, strip unnecessary characters, fill nulls and blanks, etc.)
  • Ensure data governance through data lineage logs and change histories
  • Automate repeatable processes through model creation and sharing

Overcome Excel Limitations

How Customers Derive Value From PDF Extraction with Monarch

In a world where PDF output is growing at an exponential rate, and organizations are driven to be more data-centric, business users are challenged to streamline the inclusion of data from an increasing number of sources.

Datawatch Monarch supports data from the widest variety of PDF and text files, databases, business applications and Big Data sources. Monarch PDF to Excel report extraction is a simple and powerful way to help organizations of all sizes save time, money and effort while unlocking the value of insights that can only be provided by tapping into hard-to-reach data.

Our customers in healthcare, financial services, government, non-profit, manufacturing, retail, utilities, telecommunications and energy industries have experienced dramatic improvements in their daily tasks and operations by introducing Monarch’s report extraction into their organizations’ processes.

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How MasterCard Uses Monarch

In one specific example, each week MasterCard’s 13-person reconciliation team printed over 20 multi-page reports and re-typed all the data (line by line, using a ruler to keep their place) into Excel. This process alone took MasterCard an average of 40-80 hours every week.

With Datawatch Monarch, MasterCard automated report extraction, gained back the 40-80 hours spent on report preparation and refocused its attention on improving customer experience and satisfaction.

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