Use Cases
​PDF to Excel Conversion

Report Extraction

You have spent time re-typing or copy-and-pasting legacy data from PDF and text-based reports into spreadsheets. Or, you’ve waited on IT to write extraction code. Or, you have just avoided using valuable data in these formats altogether because it’s too much work.

But, these options are slow, error-prone and lead to inaccurate reporting and analytics. Altair has been solving this problem for 20+ years with industry-leading trapping capabilities that instantly convert your PDF and text-based reports into usable Excel spreadsheets.

“Altair paid for itself in 6 months, liberating us from manual data entry & recouping us 40-80 hours a week” – Derek Madison, Leader of Business Financial Support at MasterCard

With Altair, you can:

  • Extract data from any source, including PDF and text reports
  • Prepare data with a click-driven, code-free interface
  • Join and transform your data with a UI that’s easier than Excel
  • Analyze and visualize your data by exporting to any BI platform
  • Automate your repetitive tasks with re-usable workflows

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