Break through spreadsheet limitations

  • Access data from a wider variety of sources
  • Consolidate and append diverse data with ease
  • Provide transparency and auditability
  • Eliminate the risks and cost of manual rekeying

Overcoming Excel challenges with Datawatch Monarch self-service data prep

Extract and compile all your data into one integrated source for analysis. Deliver timely and accurate reports. Get critical, fresher and actionable data, faster.

Seamless compatibility with

‘Global telecom leader stays competitive in a fast and ever changing market.’

Operational goals:

  • Overcome spreadsheet limitations resulting in business decision delays
  • Ensure critical information accuracy with a single version of the truth
  • Reduce data preparation time and rekeying error risks
  • Make business decisions with confidence based on comprehensive reports

Datawatch delivers:

  • Fast and accurate access to disparate spreadsheets containing usage data, financial metrics, competitive information and changing tariffs
  • Elimination of manual errors associated with rekeying
  • Consolidated reports with greater data integrity and efficiency
  • Ability to complete analysis process in minutes versus hours

‘Multi-national auto supplier optimizes cost analysis process saving nearly $500k/year in labor time alone.’

Operational goals:

  • Optimize the costs on a product with as many as 80 components
  • Track all components throughout the manufacturing process
  • Access and analyze data in multiple formats from dozens of suppliers
  • Eliminate data rekeying at nearly 400 locations

Datawatch delivers:

  • Ability to access and prepare data from all required sources and types
  • Track and report on each and every component on an automated basis
  • Elimination of need to rekey data from Excel
  • Cost analysis process reduced from three days to one hour with savings of $500,000/year in labor time
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