Use Cases
Data Blending

Whether you like it or not, your valuable data lives in many places. The data warehouse was once the foundation of all BI, but it simply can’t keep up with the technology and pace of modern business. As a result, analysts are forced to manually extract and blend their data together – this is also slow and error-prone as well.

With Datawatch you can quickly blend data to derive incredible, multi-dimensional insights from separate sources, without the time and expense of traditional data warehouse processes. Automating your data blending is a game-changer because it saves time, effort and errors.

“[Monarch] makes it incredibly easy to combine data… I was scrambling to deliver accurate, up-to-date information on time. Now, I have the ability and the time to actually tell a story with the data and present it in a cohesive manner to the management team.” – Mary Anne Christian, HR Business Analyst at Berkshire Bank

With Datawatch, you can:

  • Streamline analytical work that involves multiple data sources
  • Obtain easy access to the data from a variety of sources
  • Create new insights derived from multiple data sets – including structured & semi-structured sources
  • Significantly reduce processing time and eliminate re-keying errors
  • Automatically clean, combine, and process large data sets

Analysts also use Datawatch to:

  • Access data from multi-structured docs such as PDFs and Log Files
  • Share analytics in a governed, central data marketplace
  • Easily remove or obscure confidential data
  • Automate dashboard/report updates on a scheduled basis