Use Cases
Dashboard Creation

What if we told you it’s possible to build a dashboard without spending hours in Excel cleaning, sorting and joining data? Datawatch makes it easy to prepare multiple data sources into comprehensive, accurate and timely dashboards.

Our innovative combination of collaboration features and user-friendly data preparation empowers every analyst to intelligently tap into more data and drive faster insight. With over 30 built-in connections to major database systems, Excel, CSV, PDFs and more, your data is analytics-ready in seconds.

“Prior to Datawatch, I was scrambling to deliver information on time. Now, I have the ability and the time to actually tell a story with the data and present it in a cohesive manner” – Mary Anne Christian, Human Resources Business Analyst at Berkshire Bank

With Datawatch, you can:

  • Create reusable processes to join multiple data sources into one report – eliminating repeated work
  • Automate dashboard updates on a scheduled basis
  • Use all available data to create a rich, compelling dashboard in any visualization tool

Analysts also use Datawatch to

  • Extract data from semi-structured sources, such as PDF reports
  • Eliminate manual errors associated with rekeying information
  • Track data changes and filters for automation and scheduling
  • Eliminate the need for Pivot Tables and advanced Excel formulas
  • Collaborate in a governed, central data marketplace
  • Decrease number of resources dedicated to full-time spreadsheet management