Use Cases
​Effective and Accurate Surveillance of Traders and Trading Activity

Panopticon enables compliance officers to maintain a bird’s eye view of all activity – by trader as well as by instrument, asset class, office, desk, and any other dimensions of interest – throughout the trading data. They can drill down to see as much detail as needed – down to the nanosecond timestamps – at any time on real-time streams of trading data or into historic trades. They conduct T+1 monitoring and review historic trading data with as much granularity as needed.

  • Trade Surveillance: Analyze surveillance alerts, including spoofing, quote stuffing, wash trades, and so on, within the context of the order book. Playback through the trading day tick-by-tick, trade-by-trade. Gain a full understanding of all trading activity, including market health analysis.
  • Alert Consolidation: Intraday and historic alert reporting and trend analysis consolidating alerts across traders, regions and asset classes.
  • Holistic Surveillance: Analyze alerts generated from trade and comms surveillance. Correlate the different components of fraudulent behavior and support trade reconstruction as outlined in Dodd Frank regulations. Add critical context to existing alerts and produce higher value alerts, which supports more efficient and effective investigation.
  • Behavioral Risk Profiling: Holistic surveillance of traders together with trading and risk positions and security alerting. Score traders based on the risk they take on and compare their current performance to past performance and their peers. Investigate trader interaction networks to speed understanding of past activity and identify behavioral abnormalities.

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