Use Cases
Best Execution

Buy and sell side firms use Panopticon to optimize order execution continuously – pre-trade, during execution, and post trade – and support high levels of transparency into trading performance. They move away from traditional blotters to visual displays that instantly highlight unusual activity.

When traders spot anomalous orders, they can investigate right away and see complete execution histories for the selected orders. They can also review all historical activity to identify systemic problems and performance divergences. They get immediate insight into market and trading behavior.

  • Analyze historic order flow for execution policy breaches
  • Subscribe to and view live order execution performance
  • Subscribe to and see live performance of selected child orders
  • Compare execution history to past activity and market data across venue – down to the nanosecond
  • Play back through past activity
  • Back test to optimize strategies and select best performing algos
  • Update thresholds and limits directly from the dashboard