Datawatch In Action
Use Cases

Solutions built to solve the problems unique to your role.

Increase Persistency of Insurance Policies

With greater insight the insurance companies can increase persistency and further cross-selling policy strategies to retain an existing customer base in a low-growth industry.

Collections – Financial Services

Improve the time it takes to deploy collections strategies, increase incremental financial return and improve customer satisfaction using Datawatch Angoss.

Client Flow Analysis

Sell side firms use Panopticon to gain visibility into their customers’ trading behaviors by reviewing historic activity and analyzing current trading patterns for anomalies.

Best Execution

Use Panopticon to continuously optimize order execution – pre-trade, during execution, and post trade.

Trading Operations

Fast visual analysis enables managers to identify abnormalities in the trading environment almost instantly, based on what’s happening in real time or based on historic trading activity.

Investment Management

Panopticon makes it easy for asset managers to analyze absolute fund performance and compare performance to market indices and/or peers across any time period, from seconds (or less) to years…


Brokerages, asset managers and banks use Panopticon to analyze and monitor profitability in real time, at end of day, and across historic time series, and in any dimension.

Compliance & Surveillance

Keep close tabs on all trading activity using across all asset classes and regions in support of the principles under MiFID II and MiFIR II / MAD II.

Risk Analytics

Analyze positions, exposures, and trading activity in seconds. Visualize real-time streams and historical time series data sets to spot risk and P&L variance anomalies quickly – so you can act…

Trading Analytics

Unlock the full value of your trading data. Analyze market conditions and trading activity to make smart timing and execution decisions. Develop instant insights into the pricing characteristics of all…

Financial Services Marketing Analytics

Minimize risk and maximize revenue when designing a multiple product, multiple distribution channel marketing campaign.

Credit Risk Mitigation

Determine who is at risk of defaulting on lines of credit offerings.

Robotic Process Automation

Automate and streamline data preparation for input to your RPA solution…

Data Blending

Instantly blend structured and unstructured data sources for powerful, accurate insights…

System Migration

Shorten data migration project schedules from months to hours…

Dashboard Creation

Fast and easy analytics you can trust…

PDF to Excel Conversion

The fastest, easiest way to get data out of a text document and into rows and columns…

Self-Service Analytics

Spend less time fighting with your data…

Internal & Public Audit

Streamline audit processes by instantly creating a single source of truth for accurate analysis and reporting…

Report Reconciliation

Consistent, reliable reporting with less effort…

Overcoming Excel Limitations

Get more out of Excel with less effort…


Ensure compliance to avoid fees and legal battles…