Revenue Cycle Management: Healthcare Providers

Accelerate Revenue Collection and Maximize Operational Efficiency

Testimonial: Good Samaritan Hospital

Streamline Revenue Cycle Management Operations

Manual account updates result in billing inaccuracies because human error is inevitable. Back-and-forth with insurance companies, reconciling errors, results slow or lost revenue collection. Datawatch eliminates manual work and human error for faster, more effective revenue cycle management operations and improved bottom lines.

Instantly Unlock 835 Remittance Files and Increase Your Revenue

835 remittance files are messy and unstructured, making it hard to extract and use the data effectively. Datawatch turns 835 files into human-readable rows and columns and joins it with Claim Adjustment Reason Codes. The results are a fast, accurate view of your Accounts Receivable and accelerated revenue collection.

Improving Claim Denial Management to Collect Revenue Faster

How often are you unable to access data needed to analyze denial rates because it requires manual data entry that is time-consuming and error-prone? Working with unstructured data sources prevents analysts from uncovering crucial claim denial insights for appealing claims. Easily access data from any source to identify and eliminate costs associated with denied claims and accelerate outstanding revenue collection.

Healthcare customers also use Datawatch to:

  • Automate Repetitive Data Access & Data Preparation Challenges for their organization.
  • Streamline Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Migration.
  • Enable Healthcare and Clinical Analytics for Operational Efficiency.
  • Convert Static EHR/EMR Outputs into Actionable Insights.