Datawatch Monarch Automation is the standard for data preparation & ETL for Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

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Improve Revenue Cycle Operations

Streamline the collection, reconciliation, scrubbing and submission of patient healthcare and financial information to recognize and report revenue faster
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Unlocking 835 Remittance Files for Increased Revenue

Automatically extract and scrub information from 835 files using Datawatch’s 835 Blueprint

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Convert Unfriendly EHR/EMR Outputs into Actionable Insights

Unlocking unusable reports from EHR/EMR systems drastically reduces time to insight about any and all healthcare data


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Claim Denial Management

Reduce time spent on denial collection by collecting information faster

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Streamline Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Migration

Eliminate the manual processes required when migrating EMR platforms, such as McKesson, Meditech, Infor, Siemens and/or Epic
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Enable Healthcare Analytics

Improving revenue cycle management enhances the efficiency, quality and financial performance of hospitals

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