​Quantitative Analysts & Traders

Respond Immediately to Market Events and Emerging Trading Trends

Quants and traders must be able to develop an effective approach to changes in the market quickly – often in a matter of hours – or risk missing profitable trading opportunities or breaching limits.

The key to figuring out the best strategy for a given set of market and trading conditions is speed. Analysts and traders must be able to see that something new or different is happening as it happens, not after the end of the trading day. They must be able to compare the performance of a large number of strategies by drilling down into historical time series data and run through a series of “what if” scenarios using that data very quickly. By playing with different parameters, including the strategies themselves but also liquidity and execution venues, they can determine the best way to optimize their order flows.

Integrate with Predictive Tools

Panopticon is built for the ground up to be used with Python, MATLAB, and the other predictive tools in a quant’s toolkit. In High Frequency Trading (HFT) applications, this is critical; there is simply no time for drawn out development and testing cycles. The quants must be able to build and run their own fully customized, unique analytical user interfaces without waiting for engineering support.