Portfolio Managers

Use TCA as a tool for seeking alpha

Transaction costs often make the difference between a profitable strategy with a good Sharpe ratio and an unprofitable one. The challenge is to predict transaction costs. The ability to quickly and accurate backtest strategies is extremely valuable in successfully achieving alpha.

Panopticon enables portfolio managers to build new analytical user interfaces on demand, and on their own – without writing any code and without engineering help from IT. They can connect directly to the firm’s historical data sources without employing middleware, including tick data repositories like Kx kdb+, OneTick, InfluxDB, and/or Kafka. They can design a set of dashboards that reveal everything they need to see, including correlations, trends, clusters, and outliers. They can compare total performance, including the impact of transaction costs, to figure out the best way to approach a new trading scenario.

Optimize Strategy Performance On-The-Fly

Backtesting only goes so far, and as the saying goes, “past performance is no guarantee of future results”. Traders have to stay on their toes throughout the trading day; if they wait until they see an end-of-day report to make decisions, they will rapidly lose ground to their competitors.

Panopticon lets business users design, deploy and start using new analytical dashboards within minutes. Traders can spot issues that require immediate investigation, connect to new data sources, and layout new dashboards during the trading day. This enables a super flexible response to new market and trading conditions; they can take informed and insightful action during the day to maximize their daily results.