Compliance Officers

Program breach threshold alerts to prompt quick reactions

Today’s regulatory environment means that compliance officers must scrutinize risk profiles at the individual trader, desk, office, region, and portfolio levels. When there is a breach – or a potential breach – they must take corrective action immediately.

Panopticon allows compliance people to configure alerts based on complex sets of conflations, aggregations, unions, and other calculations so they can be pro-active in preventing breaches. They can also respond to market events and changing trading conditions by designing and publishing new analytical dashboards suited the particular nature of an issue.

Ensure Best Execution and MiFID II Compliance

Monitoring and analyzing trading activity to ensure best execution is particularly challenging in High Frequency Trading (HFT) applications. Compliance officers must have useful visibility into trading performance in order to ensure that the trades are being executed properly, and they must be able to develop approaches for correcting execution problems based on a full comprehension of the day’s (or the minute’s) activity.

With Panopticon, compliance people can analyze historic order flow for execution policy breaches, subscribe to and view live order execution performance, including child orders, and compare execution histories to past activities and market data across all liquidity and execution venues in use. They can also back test algos to improve performance, and update thresholds and limits directly from within their analytical dashboards.