Fuel Insightful Marketing Analytics and Dashboards You Can Trust

Monarch for Marketing Dashboards

Access More Data for Better Marketing Analytics

A comprehensive view of all marketing interactions, connections, and trends is now a must-have to build programs that drive revenue and out-flank your competition. This is why ‘Attribution’ is such a hot topic. With Monarch, you can easily access, clean and blend data from every step in your customer journey to unlock new insights into marketing ROI and performance.

Save Time Creating Custom Reports

Even reliable systems like can’t always provide the reports you need, so marketers often struggle with Pivot Tables and messy formulas to get answers. But with Monarch you can ditch the VLOOKUP and utilize click-driven functions to prepare and automate your reporting, in seconds.

Create a Single Source of Truth for Customer Data

80% of marketers say that data silos obscure a seamless view of campaigns and customers (Veriday, 2017), a centralized platform for all marketing data is imperative. An innovative combination of social collaboration and user-friendly data preparation empowers every marketing analyst on the team to intelligently tap into more data and drive faster insight.

Marketers also use Altair Monarch to:

  • Extract data from any PDF report and convert it for use in analysis.
  • Access hard-to-get market data, including data trapped in webpages.
  • De-dupe and reconcile Salesforce for cleaner records in seconds.
  • Eliminate Pivot Tables and advanced Excel formulas.
  • Maximize Google Analytics and web data.
  • Automate marketing analytics for easier operational reporting.