Data Preparation for CXO

Foster a Data-Driven Culture in Your Organization

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Execute Strategic Initiatives by Unlocking More Data

As organizations focus on becoming more data-driven, it is simply unacceptable to allow data to go to waste. Yet, as the amount of data businesses collect continues to grow, many organizations are failing to derive enough business value from their data. Datawatch makes all your data usable, no matter the source or format, allowing your organization to get more value and insight you get from your data.

Engage More Minds In The Analytical Process Across Your Organization

Companies are making serious investments in data and analytics, but most solutions don’t address the needs of the entire organization. They don’t enable the collection of accurate and trusted data, or collaboration across organizational silos. With Datawatch, teams can collaborate on the models, predictions and recommendations of their peers with precision, efficiency and agility.

Foster More Trust in Your Analytical Insights

When people who aren’t experts in a data source create reports or analyses, the numbers are rarely accurate and trust in analytics goes out the window. Datawatch helps you avoid incomplete, inconsistent, inaccurate and untimely analyses by empowering domain experts to create and share trusted reports in a governed, centralized data marketplace that ensures integrity through auditable data lineage and controls.

CXOs also use Datawatch to:

  • Empower business users to develop trusted, self-service analytics.
  • Create comprehensive executive and board-level dashboards.
  • Extract hard-to-reach data from semi-structured sources, like PDFs.
  • Eliminate manual report reconciliation for analysts.