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Spend More Time Analyzing, and Less Time Preparing Data

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Data Preparation Doesn't Have to Be So Hard

As an analyst, your productivity directly impacts your business, but manual data extraction, cleaning and joining is a time consuming, low-value activity. Currently, 80% of an analyst’s time is spent manually preparing data for analysis. Datawatch offers a user-friendly, click-driven way to streamline and automate manual data prep, improving data accuracy and leaving more time for actual analysis.

Spend Less Time in Spreadsheets

Data is never perfect. Most analysts spend hours in spreadsheets trying to make things right, limiting the time they can spend actually analyzing the data and deriving amazing insights that bring value to their organization. Datawatch optimizes and automates data access, cleansing, transformation and blending. Output can be automatically refreshed, exported to BI platforms and shared with your stakeholders – cutting out frequent requests for updated information.

Master Your Data By Leveraging The Work Of Your Peers

Datawatch removes the burden on IT to provide data to analysts, by establishing a centralized data marketplace for individuals across the enterprise to share trusted data sets, reports, models, workspaces and expertise. This allows business analysts to leverage more data than ever before, no matter the source or format, to enrich their analyses with governed, trusted reports.

Business Analysts also use Datawatch to:

  • Access and extract data from any source, including CSV, Excel, PDF, TXT, JSON, XML, HTML and various databases.
  • Prepare data with code-free functions. No advanced knowledge of macros or VLOOKUPs required.
  • Join & transform with a click-driven interface.
  • Automate repeatable work.
  • Create comprehensive and accurate reports.