Data Preparation for BI & IT

Be More Responsive For Faster Business Insights, Without Losing Control

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Improve Governance While Maintaining Analyst Agility

While the business strives to evolve its analytics and BI strategy, IT is challenged with mitigating the risk of financial penalties, regulation violations and security breaches and ensuring data integrity. It’s hard being the gatekeeper and no one wants to be a bottleneck. Datawatch helps you empower business users to access data through a governed, centralized platform, without stifling the agility self-service analytics.

Centralize Data Sources for Better Data Integrity

Companies are making serious investments in data and analytics, but most existing solutions don’t provide a way for BI and IT professionals to influence data integrity. Datawatch ensures integrity, lineage, and tight control through a platform that empowers everyone to be self-sufficient data masters, paired with the ability to ensure the right data stays with the right people.

Reduce Churn Caused By Data Requests

Data is never perfect, and it’s often taken for granted how much work goes into providing complete, clean and trusted data to the business in a timely manner. This manual data preparation and report sharing can take hours, but Datawatch can improve IT responsiveness and limit data requests by providing a secure platform for sharing trusted data sets across the organization and empowering business users to complete their self-service analytics without relying on IT.

BI and IT professionals also use Datawatch to:

  • Automate and schedule data preparation tasks.
  • Extract hard-to-reach data from semi-structured sources, like PDFs.
  • Track data lineage and usage throughout the organization.
  • Maintain compliance by redacting and masking sensitive data.
  • Accelerate the creation of analytics prototypes to be controlled and governed.