Accounting and Finance

Automate repetitive reconciliations and improve forecasting with something better than Excel

Reconciliation and Closing the Books with Monarch Complete

Automate Reconciliation and Monthly Book Closing

Relying on manual work to combine and reconcile data from multiple systems is slow, inaccurate and opens you up to human error. Your forecasting suffers. Automate your reconciliation processes from start to finish to save time, reduce errors, and improve time-to-close and in turn, your forecasting.

Simplify Manual and Repetitive Excel Processes

Re-writing macros, vLookups and pivot tables in Excel is time-consuming and error-prone. Plus, there is no audit trail of how reports are changed or sourced. Remove unnecessary manual work and provide full change histories and data lineage, so you can spend less time cleaning, joining and defending data and more time analyzing results for impactful insights.

Accurately Report and Forecast with One Version of the Truth

How often do Finance, Ops and BI teams deliver different answers to the same question? Multiple versions of the truth are the result of human error and siloed reporting. Centralizing curated datasets and reports in a data marketplace eliminates trust issues because everyone is working from the same accurate, certified data.

Accounting and Finance Professionals also use Datawatch to:

  • Extract Data from PDF & Text-Based Reports.
  • Improve Reporting Compliance.
  • Streamline Internal & External Audit.
  • Simplify Accounting and Reporting System Migration.