Comprehensive monitoring and analysis of real-time operational, trading and market data with no coding
Give business analysts, traders, quants, and compliance people the tools to build and deploy their own monitoring and analysis systems without writing a single line of code.



Our latest release adds new capabilities to the platform’s Proactive Alerting function, increases the number of available data sources, makes it easier than ever to integrate the system into cloud-based data environments, improves time series visualization capabilities, and supports a new way to license the software.

Delays in decision making are costly in electronic trading

Whether you’re dealing with equities, fixed income, FX, futures, or commodities. Waiting for end-of-day reports means you’re likely to miss profitable opportunities, or fail to respond to threats to compliance until it’s much too late.


Meet Panopticon

The only true real-time data visualization system on the market

The platform consists of Panopticon Visual Analytics software and Panopticon Streams, a stream processing engine that enables users to program sophisticated business logic and data functions using a fully visual interface.

Panopticon is built from the ground up for business people – not IT engineers. Rather than waiting for months for expensively-produced custom applications, users can build and deploy their own systems in a few minutes.

It supports the specific requirements of high frequency trading desks and allows them to react immediately to fast moving market events. It’s a perfect fit for investment banks, hedge funds, exchanges, and asset managers that wish to improve profitability, ensure best execution, monitor risk, and comply with MiFID II and other regulations.

Panopticon Streaming Analytics supports the continuous optimization of trading operations.


Monitor: Identify trading anomalies.
Investigate Examine the historical time series of all trades that led up to an anomaly.
Backtest Analyze how alternative scenarios will affect performance using historic data.
Optimize Update model thresholds based on the optimized back testing results.

How it Works

The Platform incorporates Panopticon Streams and Panopticon Visual Analytics, and integrates directly with your real-time message buses (including Kafka), historic tick data stores (including Kx kdb+, OneTick, InfluxDB, Vertica, and SparkSQL), and predictive engines (including Python).

Traders, quants, and compliance officers build applications using a visual point and click user interface, with no coding needed.

Tech Specs

Panopticon advanced data visualization software supports fast, efficient visual analysis of real-time streaming and historical time series data from a huge variety of sources:

  • Apache Kafka Distributed Streaming Platform
  • Message buses: Solace, JMS, AMQP, RabbitMQ, AMPS
  • CEP engines: TIBCO StreamBase, SAP ESP
  • Tick/Time Series databases: Kx kdb+, OneTick, InfluxDB, Vertica
  • NoSQL: Cassandra, MongoDB, elastic, Spark
  • Relational databases: Any SQL database
  • Powerful Visualizations Designed for Analyzing Time-Critical Data

Powerful Visualizations Designed for Analyzing Time-Critical Data

Panopticon supports a wide variety of information visualization techniques, each with many variations, including:

  • Treemap
  • Heat Map
  • Heat Matrix
  • Bullet Graph
  • Candlestick Graph / OHLC Graph
  • Circle Pack
  • Donut Chart and Gauge
  • Dot Plot
  • Funnel Chart
  • Histogram
  • Horizon Graph
  • Line Graph
  • Map Plot
  • Needle Graph
  • Network Graph
  • Order Book
  • Pareto Chart
  • Price Band
  • Scatter Plot
  • Spread Graph
  • Stacked Area Graph
  • Surface Plot (2D & 3D)
  • Ticker Tile
  • Waterfall Chart

More data. More Minds. More Trust.

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