Save thousands of man-hours with automated, governed data prep, report creation and analytics delivery.
​​Monarch Server is an enterprise solution providing centralized data management and automated workflows to streamline bulk data processing and report distribution.

The Product Story

Many large Monarch customers find that there are components of their Monarch desktop deployment that they would prefer to permanently automate. Monarch Server is the centralized platform that takes critical data processing workflows and makes them happen automatically based on schedules, triggers and sequences of events.


systems, databases and dashboards


Meet Monarch Server

Automated, governed data prep, report creation and analytics delivery.

There are four components of Monarch Server that can completely streamline enterprise data management through a combination of pre-built workflows, easy data discovery and data access through a central IT-governed resource.


Automation Server: Make repetitive processes ‘hands-free’ by setting up scheduled or event-driven data preparation processes.


Content Server: Create a seamless integration point between text-based reporting and data warehouse initiatives.


Report Mining Server: Empower analysts to access and extract data from cold storage systems without going through IT.


License Distribution Server: Centrally manage authorization and authentication of Datawatch solutions.

Put the power of Monarch on your desktop.

How it Works

  • Centralize enterprise data and models
  • Completely eliminate manual work by running repeatable workflows based on triggers or schedules
  • Visual, drag-and-drop process design interface
  • Deliver data to end-users automatically on a schedule, or as new data becomes available
  • Auto-update systems, databases and dashboards
  • Improve governance with user-based credential and permission settings
  • Easily scale to satisfy any size rollout across the Datawatch platform
  • Centrally manage all of your Monarch licenses

More data. More Minds. More Trust.

The proof is in the product

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