Monarch is desktop-based, self-service data preparation, offering the easiest way to access, clean, prepare and blend any data - including PDFs and semi-structured text files.
Save time and money. Accelerate your reporting and analytics with easy, powerful data prep.
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20+ Years of Data Prep

Over 14,000 customers use Monarch to save time and money by streamlining repetitive data, reporting and analytics workflows. Our heritage of 20+ years of innovation in self-service data preparation means that Monarch can streamline your work regardless of the internal, external and enterprise data you utilize. Monarch makes it all usable and repeatable, maximizing the integrity, value and insight you get from your data, no matter the origin, format or narrative.


of the Fortune 500 trust Monarch for data prep.


Meet Monarch

Simple, Powerful, Self-Service Data Prep

Altair Monarch is the world’s most-used self-service data preparation solution. It is the fastest and easiest way to extract data from any source – including turning unstructured data like PDFs and text files into rows and columns. Once data is extracted, you can clean, transform, blend and enrich the data in a click-based interface, free of coding and scripting, and export to any platform for reporting and visualization. Then you can automate the entire process, so you never have to do it again.


To learn about the new features and functionality of Monarch, visit What’s New in Monarch.


“The Altair Monarch solution paid for itself within the first six months, liberating our department from manual data entry and enabling us to recoup 40-80 hours per week. As a result, we have been able to expand our skill set to become more involved across new products and services and excel in customer service.”
-Derek Madison, MasterCard

Fully automate processes and data delivery

How it Works

  • Access any complex data.
  • Easy, click-driven data prep with 80+ pre-built functions. No scripting or macros.
  • Blend & join disparate data.
  • Eliminate manual work & human error.
  • Unmatched report trapping of PDF & text-based reports.
  • Automate repeatable work with reusable ‘recipes’.
  • Export to any business intelligence or analytics platform.
  • Auditable through a full change history & complete lineage.

Tech Specs

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