Knowledge Hub offers team-driven data preparation, combined with a centralized data marketplace
to speed collaboration and drive governance across the enterprise.
The evolution of self-service analytics for teams, individuals and organizations.
Reshape the way your organization thinks about data.

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Fixing Self-Service Analytics

Self-service analytics tools promised to make end-users more agile and data-driven. However, the increased agility led to siloed and disconnected work as part of an ungoverned data free-for-all. Knowledge Hub addresses these issues with a solution that benefits business users, while simplifying and improving governance for IT.


of data workers report that restoring a relationship with IT is key for improving data-driven business decisions (BARC, 2017)

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Machine Learning + Data Governance + Collaboration

Knowledge Hub’s combination of data prep, machine-learning, data governance and collaboration uniquely positions it to empower every individual, department and organization to intelligently tap into more trusted data and drive faster analytical insight.

It presents business users with a personalized experience for creating, accessing, validating and sharing governed, trustworthy datasets and models to provide more value to the enterprise.

  • Visual, code-free data prep, built for the cloud, makes Knowledge Hub a fit for everyone
  • Support for all data types – even converts PDF and text files into rows and columns
  • Data marketplace for better collaboration through the creation, sharing and discovery of data assets
  • Certified, curated, centralized data provides better visibility and infuses analysis with more trust
  • Machine-learning recommends relevant data sets and prep steps to reduce unnecessary work
  • Controlled collaboration and governance removes the burden on IT while increasing end-user agility
  • Intuitive search and social features for better discovery and reuse of models and curated data sets
  • Highly performant hybrid architecture – Microsoft & Linux Support
  • Gamification encourages participation and contributions

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Knowledge Hub Perspectives

What’s Your Data Strategy?

A 2017 Harvard Business Review article, What’s Your Data Strategy?, introduces the concept of balancing Offensive and Defensive analytics to optimize business performance and establish a data strategy. Read “What’s Your Data Strategy?” to learn: How Altair Knowledge Hub Satisfies Control and Flexibility How Altair Knowledge Hub Enables Fast, Accurate,…

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