​Data Preparation for Telecom

Improve Overall Network Performance

Telecom companies collecting massive amounts of performance data from a wide variety of sources, some of it unstructured and poorly formatted, which requires manually re-keying the information. This leads to inaccurate and delayed views of your network performance. Datawatch automates this work, so you can reconcile enormous data sets on network performance to quickly identify glitches and fix anomalies and irregularities immediately, making it easy to provide and maintain optimal network performance in real-time.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Churn

Customer satisfaction indicators are often specific to each subscriber and require a granular view across a large variety of inaccessible, unstructured data sources – resulting in manual reconciliation of reports and data points. Manual work is bad because it’s slow and inaccurate. Datawatch allows users to access the necessary data needed to automatically build/track a detailed 360-degree view of customer behaviors, needs and pain points – all crucial insights for enhanced customer satisfaction as well as proactive efforts to reduce churn.

Drive Profitability

The billions of unstructured usage records and streaming data points require data analysts to find a way to clean, transform and standardize their data sets on a massive scale before they can realize practical analytic value to find ways t oincrease revenue. Datawatch makes it easy to bring together operational data, customer data, and external third-party data to create insight that fuels innovation, cost savings, and new ways to create revenue.

Our Telecom customers also use us for:


  • Detection of Real-Time Security Threats.
  • Enhance Infrastructure Rollout Planning.
  • Monitor Networks for Fraud Detection.
  • Gain Data-Driven Intelligence Services for Third-Parties.
  • Compliance