Gain competitive insights from your network and customer data

  • Improve overall network performance
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and reduce churn
  • Increase revenue

Blending network and complex customer data with Datawatch Monarch

Quite possibly the originators of Big Data, today’s telecommunications companies must account for a broad range of non-traditional data sources, including social blogs, demographic data, relationships between family members, calling and texting patterns, and even web-browsing activities of customers visiting competitors’ websites. Given this seemingly endless volume of information available from a variety of data sets and formats, consolidating a 360-degree view of the customer is not only a tall order – it’s a competitive necessity.

Seamless compatibility with

With Datawatch Monarch users can better analyze profitability and capacity, detect fraud, provide revenue assurance, and monitor customer service at call centers.

Our self-service data prep capabilities help you to:

  • Boost customer satisfaction and reduce churn with visibility into call center effectiveness, network performance, and more.
  • Increase revenue per user through aggregated information on how customers use the network, pinpointing opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.
  • Improve network performance by analyzing resource utilization and network operations
  • Develop new products and markets as a result of a clearer understanding of distinct customer needs, market trends, competitive offerings, and uncultivated areas for expansion.
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