​Data Preparation for Retail

Deeper Customer Insights

The omnichannel strategy has changed the way customers interact with retailers and CPG brands. Smartphones have also made it impossibly easy to interact with and market to customers. In order for promotions to not come across as clumsy and tone-deaf, retailers need to better understand changing preferences, and shifting demand so they can personalize their interactions. With Datawatch retail analysts derive deeper customer insights, faster, by blending and analyzing data across all channels, without any coding or IT dependencies. Data is your biggest asset in the war for attention and loyalty.

Retailers must take advantage of the full universe of data available to them to stay competitive in a constantly changing battle for consumer disposable income. Access data from POS, CRM and inventory systems, eCommerce sites, and more to better understand customer sentiment, shopping patterns, supply chain opportunities and product pricing. Datawatch offers a centralized data marketplace to access, clean and share all your data sources to speed collaboration and drive insights to stay competetive.

Looking to improve profitability? Better insight can get you there. You have a wealth of data on sales trends, cart abandonment and revenue by products, stores and channels, but you’re probably struggling to derive insight from it. With Datawatch, you can manage your business dynamically with the ability build real-time reports on every angle of your retail operations. You can even enrich your reports with third-party information, like weather data and customer credit data to better optimize store staffing levels and create targeted, just-in-time promotions.

Retail customers also use Datawatch to:

  • Access and extract data from any source, including CSV, Excel, PDF, TXT, JSON, XML, HTML and various databases.
  • Prepare data with code-free functions. No advanced knowledge of macros or VLOOKUPs required.
  • Eliminate manual errors associated with rekeying information.
  • Automate dashboard updates.
  • Create comprehensive and accurate reports.