Achieve a more holistic view of your retail operations

  • Deeper customer insights
  • Optimize inventory and supply chains
  • Improved profitability

Datawatch Monarch enables retailers to stay ahead of the competition

Retailers must take advantage of the full universe of data available to them to stay competitive in a constantly changing marketplace. This means that they need ready access to data from POS, CRM and inventory systems, ecommerce sites and web analytics to better understand everything from customer preferences and shopping patterns to supply chain opportunities and product pricing. It also means finding efficient and innovative ways to tap into the information goldmine of available social media and geolocation data.

Seamless compatibility with

Gain deeper customer insights and improved satisfaction

With Datawatch Monarch,  retailers and CPG manufacturers can look into what’s happening today – key to keeping up with changing consumer demands and ensuring loyalty – through deeper customer insight, targeted interactions and improved customer service.

Self-service data preparation allows you to:

  • Access and blend all types of data, structured and unstructured, from internal and external sources – across all channels – to get one view of your customer.
  • Target high-value customers with a deeper understanding of their needs through analyzing browsing history, spend patterns and shopping behaviors.
  • Improve profitability through insight into sales, cart abandonment and revenue from products, stores, and channels.
  • Manage pricing dynamically, with the ability prepare and view real-time information on customers, suppliers, the market and competitors.
  • Optimize inventory and supply chains through clear visibility into stock levels and third-party data.
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