Customer Insight

In an era when new retail entrants exclusively sell their goods via digital channels, customers today have more choice where they purchase from, when they purchase, and at what price.  Brand loyalty is often an afterthought as customers shop around for their best option.  Retailers are challenged to find new ways to appeal to existing and potential buyers.  Datawatch Angoss helps retail data science and business analyst teams to better understand changing consumer behaviour and enables them to build our better marketing and distribution channel strategies without having to immerse themselves into creating complicated statistical algorithms. 

Retail Marketing Analytics

With so many options available, retail marketers struggle to understand which methods of communication should be used when pursuing a marketing campaign.  Customers are looking for an experience that are relevant to their tastes and preferences; a successful marketing campaign is reliant on knowing how a segment of the consumer population will respond to different multi-channel campaigns.  Datawatch Angoss helps retailers develop a clear strategy that ensures all channels are working together, instead of each other, which saves time and lowers costs. Retail analytic teams can measure customer sentiment, segment groups into various buying preferences, and determine the probabilities of purchase by creating sophisticated analytical models without needing to rely on complex coding.  The results lead to developing impactful cross-sell / up-sell product and new acquisition strategies, and measure different distribution scenarios to find the right balance between maximizing revenue and minimizing expense as part of a unified omnichannel service their customers demand.