Panopticon visualizations enable networks to utilize real time data streaming in from routers and devices to analyze usage, price, cost, and identify opportunities to improve system performance and profitability.

Telecoms network operators require up-to-the-second views of exactly how systems are performing. They require real-time monitoring and historic time series analysis. Panopticon gives them an excellent way to correlate and analyze that data and make insightful, informed decisions. They can spot small problems before they become major outages, identify maintenance shortfalls, monitor and respond to network and infrastructure issues in real time, and proactively detect and prevent revenue leakage and fraud.

Act while there is time to make a difference in network quality, operational efficiency, and customer experience

Use cases include:

  • Quality of Service monitoring & analysis
  • Fraud detection
  • Revenue assurance
  • Customer service monitoring for call centers
  • Profitability analysis
  • Capacity analysis
  • Project performance monitoring

Panopticon Streaming Analytics supports the critical functions required to analyze and monitor the vast amounts of rapidly-changing data generated in telecoms applications, including:

  • Subscribe to full and parameterized streams from CEP engines and real-time message buses
  • Dynamically query data warehouses and retrieve aggregated data sets
  • Federate static and real-time streaming data through joins and unions
  • Dynamically change hierarchies and aggregate values
  • Aggregation and netting
  • Interpolation between known values
  • Time window and time period analysis to identify deltas and changes between time periods
  • Time snapshot selection to drill into performance spikes
  • Visualize trends, clustering, correlations, and outliers