Real-Time Streaming Analytics for Capital Markets

Monitor & analyze real-time streaming market data and trading activity

Buy side and sell side firms and exchanges all over the world use our advanced data visualization tools to conduct profitable business, ensure best execution, monitor risk, and comply with MiFID II and other regulations. They use its visual analysis capabilities to highlight anomalies, trends, clusters, and relationships in electronic trading data, and analyze time series down to the individual tick and sequence ID. They can rewind and play back through time to back test trading algorithms and strategies, and to determine exactly what led to a breach or a loss.

Connect, design & publish with no coding

With Panopticon, their traders, quants, and compliance people can connect to data, design, and publish their own real-time analytical trading dashboards with a few clicks. It removes the need for custom development and reduces delivery risk and project durations.

Panopticon allows them to visualize hierarchical data, including industry, instrument, office, region, trader, or customer structures, and to reconfigure hierarchies on the fly to gain new perspectives.

Connect to any data source

Panopticon works with the data infrastructures present in most capital markets firms, including real time message buses like Solace, CEP engines like Streambase, tick databases like kdb+ or OneTick, cubes, relational databases, and big data environments, including Kafka and Hadoop.