​Data Preparation for Manufacturing

Collect revenue faster with automated reconciliations

Identifying outstanding balances by eyeballing PDF reports that cannot be manipulated, sorted or filtered is not scalable, not repeatable and leads to flawed conclusions. You could be missing massive amounts of revenue and never know it. Automate your data extraction and reconciliation processes to maintain an up-to-date view of accounts receivable and accelerate revenue collection.

Optimize your supply chain management for bottom line growth

Manually tracking materials and goods from order through production, shipment and billing leads to inefficient processes and lost revenue. Optimize supply chain efficiency by automatically extracting production data from the ERP system and verifying it with shipment data from another system to ensure the order is properly billed.

Manufacturing customers also use Datawatch to:

  • Extract data from PDF and text-based reports
  • Accelerate self-service analytics
  • Overcome common Excel limitations
  • Quickly create and update dashboards for instant insight