Data Preparation For Healthcare

Accelerate Revenue Cycle Management Operations

Revenue Cycle Management becomes complicated and slowed by inaccessible data from financial systems, 835 remittance files, claims paperwork and 3rd party payment information from insurance companies and patients. Datawatch automates repetitive, error-prone processes associated with accessing and reconciling financial data, eliminating manual work and accelerating the revenue cycle.

Convert Static EHR and EMR Outputs into Actionable Insights

Electronic Medical Record systems like McKesson, Cerner, Allscripts, Epic, Meditech and Siemens produce reports that are difficult to parse, scrub, and convert into a readable and usable format. With Datawatch, the extraction, reformatting and blending of complex EMR data is automated to save time and streamline operations.

Execute Insightful Clinical Analytics

Insightful clinical analytics requires time-consuming and error-prone processes of blending disparate data from clinical trials, patient records, equipment resources, staffing information and financial data. Datawatch accelerates this by enabling physicians and researchers to quickly join and analyze disparate data that informs improved patient care and supports data-driven medical advancements.

Our Healthcare customers also use us to:

  • Instantly convert 835 files into human-readable rows-and-columns
  • Improve claim denial management
  • Track and measure impactful healthcare operations KPIs
  • Automate Electronic Medical Records system migrations