Financial Services

Credit Origination

Financial services struggle to model risk accurately, transparently and in regulatory compliance. This can be especially challenging when trying to determine who might expose risk to the business when offering lines of credit to existing or new applicants. With Altair, the ability to score applicants of risk-based products or creating a predictive scoring of credit line increase or authorization requests can help financial service organizations better understand who might be at greater risk to default on credit loans. With this knowledge better collection approaches and deployment strategies for clients in arrears can be leveraged.

Financial Marketing Analytics

Marketing teams are often challenged to predict the propensity of how customers will respond to their campaigns. Several distinct and vastly different datasets are required to tailor a successful marketing campaigns that may focus on product cross-sell and up-sell, or on new customer acquisition. Altair removes much of the complexity of developing a campaign by automating and repeating processes used to build out predictive models that show the probability of success.  Testing scenarios against changes in controlled, and uncontrolled variables, enables marketing campaigns to deploy a strategy that reaches the right audience, with the right message, using the right channel.